Document search solutions

Online document search solutions developed by our company are widely used by students and scientists from leading universities in the world. We are opening new opportunities of development for research centers and educational institutions. Our products have become popular in more than 50 countries.

Unique algorithms

To realize our goals for creating a qualitatively new search product, we have developed our own unique algorithms for searching and processing data that is constantly updated, making our core product even more effective. This is proved by a steady increase in regular users.

High load architecture

Our products are aimed at the mass market, and are based on High load architecture. We can serve up to 100 online users per second. To do this, we applied a range of advanced data processing technologies and strengthened by own know-how.

New education tools

Since the launch of our service, we have received a lot of positive user reviews. Basically it is the representatives of science and education. Now we can safely say that we open new possibilities for the development of modern science.